Monday, 22 June 2009

Pretentious Poetry Part 2 (to the tune of Janis Ian's 'At Seventeen')

I learned to love at fourteen.
I saw him up on the movie screen.
He made me laugh, he made me smile
I haven’t felt that way for awhile.
The valentines that never came,
I felt my youth waste away.
A younger man stepped in my life
I pictured a future as his wife
Love was not meant for him and me
Not like the man on the movie screen.
He would never break my heart,
Never rip my dream apart
Of joining him on that movie screen.
For all of those who play the game
You will never feel the same
After all, it fades away and all that remains
Is the man on the movie screen,
Looking you in the eyes
Telling you it’s okay, you’re not alone
The boy never caused you pain
So here I sit alone at first,
Until the part that he rehearsed.
He comes on screen with his smile
It’s nice to be there for awhile.

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